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Apr. 6th, 2017 09:35 am
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Having been an Apple girl for quite a few years now, I am now facing the prospect of getting comfy with Android, both as a user and as a developer. It's been a bit rocky, but I'm slowly making progress.

Objective-C was so comfy for me, and Swift has surprised me by being even better. Java? I was never a fan. It's taken being forced to do some maintenance on an Android project, then being tasked with learning Xamarin (eek!) to get me over the don't-wanna's. Weirdly, having to work with Xamarin in C# has made it easier for me to approach Android development.

Right now I'm in the process of putting together an app to get into the app store as part of maintaining my developer portfolio. And this time I'm doing both an iOS and an Android version of the same app using Firebase as a back end service. (I got curious about it after attending a Google Dev event.) And no, I'm not using Xamarin for this project, although I might eventually do a Xamarin version just for the experience. I've been puttering about with it (mostly adjusting to Firebase) for about a month now in my spare time. The iOS version is at bare butt minimum viable. The droid version is about half way there after a major refactoring last night. (I predict at least two more rounds of refactoring before achieving Droid MVP.)

And you can tell I'm a developer because I've only had the sketchiest of thoughts as to the visual presentation.
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