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I'm still looking for an acceptable implementation of a dynamically categorized list view in Android. The good news is that I have a much better handle now on how Android wants to deal with the darned things, but I'm frustrated by the lack of built-in support for such a useful feature. Or maybe my google-fu is not yet properly attuned to finding Android things. All the stuff I'm finding with section headers is in the context of static list content and I hate to go the route of using a third party implementation for something that feels this basic.

Maybe my design sense is just too tuned to iOS? Are Android users more accustomed to scrolling through long lists? Is it more usual to provide explicit filtering of the list instead of doing grouping? I suspect I'm going to end up finding a way to use structured filtering to meet my needs. I keep reminding myself that breaking out of my usual patterns is a good thing. It's also a good reminder that I need to review more good Android apps to see how other folks are solving interface problems in that context. Which means I probably ought to budget for the purchase of an unlocked Android phone to play with, even if it is more work than play.

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