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Yeah. It's been a day or something. I don't want to talk about that. I nearly played hooky this morning; it's so nice out! As it turned out, it was a good morning to be in the office because I got dragged into two different kick off meetings for one project. (And it sounds as if there was another one earlier that my team wasn't involved in?) And, of course, it's an Android tablet app. (Enterprise distribution, so no, you won't be able to get your hands on it unless you're in the right place at the right time.)

I have such a reflexive dislike of Android dev in the abstract, and it's silly because I haven't minded any of the droid apps I've actually worked on. I have a theory that there are Android people and Apple people, like there are dog people and cat people. Obviously, Android people are the dog people and I am very much a cat person. I understand cats and I understand iOS. Dogs and Android apps are a bit of a mystery. Oh, I can get along fine with individual dogs and Android apps once I get to know them, but give a choice, I'll go for cats and Apples every time. Ah well.

No, I didn't get around to playing with sectioned list views last night. I saw a bit of the news and decided it was a good time to put away all my screens for the evening and settle in with a book instead. Tonight is fencing practice, although we'll be missing a few epeeists due to it being first Friday. (Maybe I can get in some practice in giving drills.) Tomorrow I need to hunt down an appropriate birthday gift for the tweener god daughter, and Sunday is booked with social events. Maybe I can get the list view sections working before I go to fencing.

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